When you delegate, your tokens never leave your wallet and you remain a full owner of your Tezos. You do not need to share private keys and other personal information with us. Do not worry about anything, we will do all the work for you, you just have nothing to do but enjoy receiving rewards from baking.


Our node operates around the clock and is under constant control, eliminating the risk of missing pastries, and you are guaranteed to get what you need without loss. To store tokens, we use hardware wallets which increase the level of security and guarantee reliable protection of funds. To protect against DDoS attacks, we make maximum use of the capabilities of cloud providers. Including intrusion detection systems, the introduction of barriers and the ability to absorb attacks through the mechanisms of scaling and load balancing.


It is very important for us to gain trust from other community members. We want to become an honest, reliable and safe partner for you. Therefore, our payment model will be as follows: We will not take any fees for 35 - cycles if you delegate until 30/09/2018. After a 35 - cycle period, commission will be 5%.



  • Our fee is 5%

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