Let’s show you the easiest way to delegate to us using the example of a wallet «TezBox». To do this, press on the following link https://tezbox.com
For use Galleon Wallet follow this manual 

Step 1. Press on the next button (highlighted in the screenshot).

Step 2. If you need to open an ISO wallet, press «RESTORE TEZBOX» and go to the next step step 2.1.If you need a new purse, press «CREATE TEZBOX» and start creating.

Step 2.1. Here you need to press «FUNDRAISER WALLET» and then fill in the information from the fundraiser PDF.

Step 3. When you open the wallet, you need to press «ADD ACCOUNT». This will create an address that starts with KT1 instead of TZ1 (only KT1 address can delegate).


To create the address of KT1, you need to have XTZ on the account, since, when creating the address, approximately 0.25 XTZ will be written off.

Press OK.

Step 4.  This is KT1 address and only you have access to it. Transfer your XTZ to this newly created KT1 address.

Step 5.Now, in order to delegate, go to KT1 account and press «DELEGATE». Then select «Custom» and enter the delegate public key of our delegation service: tz1VceyYUpq1gk5dtp6jXQRtCtY8hm5DKt72 then press «UPDATE DELEGATE»

Press OK.

Congratulations! Now you have delegated your XTZ and you can earn.

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